Judge sides with DOJ against Microsoft

Following U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's finding that Microsoft holds a monopoly in PC operating systems, Assistant Attorney General Joel I. Klein says the Justice Department is considering breaking up the company.

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"Most harmful of all is the message that Microsoft's actions have conveyed to every enterprise with the potential to innovate in the computer industry."

- U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson

"If you want to look at what's great for consumers you have to look at our work and the work of our partners over the last 20 years."

- Bill Gates, chief executive, Microsoft


Findings back Microsoft into a corner
Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's Full text of Judge Jackson's findings of
fact stinging 207-page findings of fact in the Microsoft antitrust trial opens a Pandora's box of legal problems for the software giant.

Investors boost alternate OS firms
Friday was a bad day for Microsoft, but makers of alternative operating systems are reaping the benefits on the stock market today.

Harsh words for Microsoft "monopoly"
update The federal judge's decisive statement is the first step of the ruling process in the landmark antitrust suit against the software giant--and could signal the verdict.

Justice considers Microsoft breakup
The Justice Department is considering Microsoft's day in court a breakup of the world's largest software company as a possible remedy in its historic antitrust case, Assistant Attorney General Joel I. Klein says.

Judge: Microsoft's power hurt many
Think of any major high-technology company. Chances are it is mentioned as a victim of Microsoft in the findings of fact issued in the landmark antitrust trial.

Competitors are "delighted"
For many high-tech firms, Joel Klein, center, speaks to the press flanked by Attorney General Janet
Reno and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. the findings indicate that they may get a clearer shot at nabbing Microsoft's customers.

Investors weigh impact on stock
Investors are likely to sell its stock Monday, but Microsoft has proven to be resilient to short-term setbacks.

Uncertain penalties in case
Despite the court's stinging assessment, the outcome of the case is still far from certain.

Jackson's findings of fact
complete text The 207-page document reveals some very strong findings in the landmark trial.