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Job security for HP-Compaq merger team

As the war of words heats up between Hewlett-Packard management and the heirs of the company's founders, integration team members are assured of job security if the merger with Compaq collapses.

As the war of words heats up between Hewlett-Packard's management and the heirs of the company's founders, members of the integration team are assured that their jobs are secure if the merger with Compaq Computer collapses. HP, Compaq detail fate of integration team
Employees who are developing post-merger plans will not lose their jobs if the deal collapses, according to documents filed by the companies.
December 20, 2001  
Packard heir likes change but not merger
David W. Packard responds to a new HP campaign that plumps for the merger with Compaq, saying that the family members opposed to the deal are not afraid of change.
December 21, 2001  
HP steps up merger battle
update In an effort to win votes for its pending merger with Compaq, Hewlett-Packard launches an ad featuring a photo of its first product. The ad asks: "What if we had stopped here?"
December 19, 2001  
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Walter Hewlett fires another salvo at HP
Attorneys for the Hewlett-Packard scion fire another round in the fight over the pending Compaq merger, requesting names of executives likely to resign if the deal is defeated.
December 18, 2001