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Jawbone buys BodyMedia in wearable tech push

The company best known for its Bluetooth headsets is accessorizing with BodyMedia, which focuses on wearable body monitors.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
BodyMedia's products include the Link armband, which the company says records 5,000 data points about the wearer every minute. BodyMedia

Jawbone, the company that made its name on Bluetooth headsets, has made a strategic purchase to expand its wearable technology business.

Jawbone announced Tuesday that it has acquired BodyMedia, a company that specializes in wearable body monitors and sensors. BodyMedia holds 87 patents and makes the Fit product line, which includes a gadget registered with the FDA as a Class II medical device capable of helping users lose weight.

According to All Things Digital, the deal is valued at $100 million. Neither Jawbone nor BodyMedia disclosed the acquisition price.

Jawbone already sells a wrist monitor, known as Up, designed to track a person's health and to allow the wearer to set goals. The bracelet functions include tracking steps, calories, and sleep. It also sets off an alert when the wearer has been inactive for too long.

BodyMedia sells body monitors with very detailed body sensors, such as ones that measure sweat and skin temperature, to improve the accuracy of its tracking. According to the company, its monitors record 5,000 data points on a wearer per minute.

Jawbone also announced Tuesday that it has updated its iOS application for the Up bracelet, allowing users to integrate the information it collects with 10 fitness-related applications, including LoseIt, MyFitnessPal, and Notch.