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iTunes 8 coming at next week's Apple event?

A new version of iTunes could accompany new iPods next week and give lazy mixtape creators a way to put together playlists from their libraries.

The current iTunes visualizer could be replaced by a newer one. Trippy.
Tom Krazit/CNET News

Add another possibility to the list of possible announcements at Apple's iPod event next week: a new version of iTunes.

Digg's Kevin Rose, fresh off his prediction that Apple has a new iPod Nano design in store for next week, shares word from an unnamed source on Wednesday that Apple plans to introduce iTunes 8 at the same event. "iTunes 8 includes Genius, which makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together. Genius also includes Genius sidebar, which recommends music from the iTunes Store that you don't already have," Rose's tipster wrote.

I'm a little curious as to how that would actually work: by genre? By tempo? By finding like-minded artists?

Would your Biggie and Tupac songs be put together in a playlist because they are both rap tracks? Or would Biggie's songs be put together with your Velvet Underground tracks because they are both from New York? Do Britney and Christina go together? Or Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead?

The use of the word "Genius" is also a little curious, given that Apple already uses that term to describe its army of customer service representatives at its retail stores. Still, such a feature would be convenient, even if it takes half the fun out of making mixes.

Rose also reports that iTunes 8 will allow you to view your library as a grid, download HD television shows from the iTunes Store, and "enjoy a stunning new music visualizer" that I'll guess was designed to go along with your new Pink Floyd/Grateful Dead playlist.