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It's iPhone 3G launch day, and CNET's ready

Come back all day for coverage of the U.S. launch of the iPhone 3G for news, reviews, photos, and videos from all corners of CNET.

The iPhone 3G is about to make its U.S. debut, and CNET's got it covered.

The iPhone 3G is about to hit the streets of New York, after making its debut earlier in the Far East and Europe, and CNET is ready to bring you all the news you need.

Caroline McCarthy and Maggie Reardon will be on the ground in New York monitoring the action at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue and various AT&T stores. A little later on, I'll be parked outside the downtown San Francisco Apple store, while Erica Ogg checks out the 3rd and Market AT&T store and Josh Lowensohn covers the scene at an Apple store in the far-off wilds of the East Bay. We'll be live-blogging the action, both in New York and San Francisco, depending on which coast suits your fancy.

Kent German will be posting his review of the iPhone 3G Friday after he gets a chance to put it through the paces, so make sure to watch for that as well if you're thinking about making a purchase. Likewise, if you haven't seen our coverage of the hundreds of iPhone applications that have been arriving over the past day, make sure to check that out as well today and into the weekend.

if moving pictures are your thing, CNET TV has you covered. Natali Del Conte will be live in New York with our new friends from CBS, while Kara Tsuboi will be in Palo Alto, Calif., hoping Apple CEO Steve Jobs makes another appearance at his hometown Apple store. The CNET Reviews people will have First Look videos up as well during the day, and the first teardown video can't be that far away, either.

And don't forget to tell us how your launch experience went, whether you waited in line for hours to get a new iPhone or breezed right into an Apple or AT&T store midday Friday.

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