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It's a LinuxWorld

IT managers and developers gather at LinuxWorld in San Francisco to learn more about the open-source operating system that's gaining momentum but also faces legal threats from SCO Group.

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Microsoft and AOL

IT managers and developers gather at LinuxWorld in San Francisco to learn more about the open-source operating system that's gaining momentum but also faces legal threats from SCO Group.

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IBM shows off Opteron supercomputer at LinuxWorld
Dave Turek, vice president of Deep Computing, IBM
Making a decision on NetWare's future
newsmakers Novell Vice Chairman Chris Stone says the company will keep its flagship operating system in maintenance mode as it gears up for Linux.
August 8, 2003

Big Blue files counterclaims against SCO
IBM argues that the open-source General Public License negates SCO's proprietary claims and that its antagonist's software violates four IBM patents.
August 7, 2003 Making Linux more gadget-friendly
TimeSys, a seller of Linux designed to be embedded into various computing devices, joins the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum. Competitor MontaVista plans to do the same.
August 8, 2003

SCO sets Linux licensing prices
The software maker responds to a new lawsuit by Linux leader Red Hat and reveals steep license prices for businesses that want to use Linux with SCO's blessing.
August 5, 2003

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Real announces Helix media player project
Kevin Foreman, general manager of RealNetworks' Helix
Mad as hell and not going to take it
newsmakers Fed up with weeks of baiting, Red Hat CEO Mathew Szulik tells CNET News.com why he finally ordered company lawyers to take SCO Group to court.
August 7, 2003

IBM: Linux legal troubles will fade
SCO's challenge to Linux eventually will become a forgotten chapter in the operating system's history, an IBM executive tells attendees of a Linux trade show Wednesday.
August 6, 2003

SGI plots out 128-processor Linux system
Silicon Graphics plans to release a 128-processor version of its large Linux system, the Altix 3000, next year.
August 6, 2003

Lindows continues its PC push
The software maker launches a $449 desktop computer, just a few weeks after dipping its toes in the chilly waters of network computers.
August 7, 2003

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Novell comes clean on Ximian and SCO
Chris Stone, vice chairman, Novell
IBM, others to release Opteron workstations
Big Blue will incorporate the Opteron chip from Advanced Micro Devices into a workstation next year, an endorsement that could help AMD gain acceptance in the corporate market.
August 5, 2003

RealNetworks plays to Linux developers
update The company announces plans to release the source code of its audio and video player to run on the Linux operating system.
August 6, 2003

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Novell CEO touts Ximian buy
Jack Messman, CEO, Novell
Advocates form open-source trade group
The Open Source And Industry Alliance seeks support from the LinuxWorld crowd in its bid to fight efforts by proprietary software makers to quash open-source products.
August 6, 2003

Navy to draft Linux-powered Macs
A company that specializes in running Linux on Macs lands a deal to supply the U.S. Navy with 260 Apple Xserve servers.
August 6, 2003

Red Hat CEO issues call to arms
Dismissing pundits who have disparaged new technologies, Matthew Szulik had a simple message for LinuxWorld attendees: We will prevail.
August 5, 2003

Sun's SuSE deal includes desktop Linux
Sun Microsystems announced a deal to use SuSE's version of Linux on its servers last week, but a Sun exec now says the partnership encompasses desktop computers as well.
August 5, 2003

Bargain hunters moving to Linux
Software management and acquisition costs can be slashed by switching to open-source software, according to IBM executives and Linux customers at the LinuxWorld conference.
August 5, 2003

Novell may nix NetWare development
A day after the networking-software maker said it had bought Linux company Ximian, Novell executives say it's likely that their company's own OS will go fallow in favor of Linux.
August 5, 2003

Stepping up to a giant
newsmakers Lindows.com CEO Michael Robertson wants to turn the Linux operating system into a genuine mass-market consumer item and a real alternative to Microsoft's Windows.
August 5, 2003

Sun pragmatic about open-source software
Linux and open-source software have swept across much of the computing industry, but Sun Microsystems' top software executive is calling for a dose of realism about the movement.
August 5, 2003

Red Hat to bundle open-source tools
The company announces plans to assemble a package of Java-based open-source tools for building corporate Web applications.
August 5, 2003

Sun joins high-end Linux group
Sun Microsystems signs on to the Open Source Development Lab, becoming the last of the four major server makers to back the organization.
August 5, 2003

SuSE Linux gets security credentials
update The Linux seller and IBM obtain a security certification that will make the OS an option for military and government customers, the companies announced Tuesday.
August 5, 2003

Linux sweeping Unix aside at Unilever
The multinational company that sells everything from Dove soap to Ben & Jerry's ice cream plans to move all its servers to Linux in coming years.
August 5, 2003

Red Hat files suit against SCO
update The Linux distributor files suit against SCO Group and sets up a fund to defray legal costs that the Linux community may incur due to SCO's actions.
August 4, 2003

Linux on Itanium passes milestone
The Itanium version of Linux crosses an important threshold: It now can be built from the standard software rather than requiring special patches.
August 4, 2003

BEA joins with HP on Linux push
The server software maker tightens its ties with Hewlett-Packard to promote Linux for businesses and unveils plans for its Java server software.
August 4, 2003

Study: Linux use undeterred by SCO suit
New research indicates that the legal battle over use of Unix source code in the Linux operating system is not discouraging developers from working on Linux-oriented software.
August 4, 2003

Linux moves on to next battles
Having cracked the mainstream, penguin pushers are moving on to a new challenge: wooing the information technology industry. LinuxWorld is the launching pad for this fight.
August 4, 2003

Novell snaps up Ximian
update The networking software maker accelerates its Linux push with the acquisition and pledges its commitment to Ximian's high-profile, open-source projects.
August 4, 2003

IBM revs up Linux business
Big Blue boasts five new Linux customers and says more than 3,000 of its consultants now have open-source skills--a 10-fold increase since 2001.
August 3, 2003

Commentary: Dances with penguins
Financial services firms should stop playing the wallflower, get on the dance floor--and enjoy the benefits of Unix reliability at Intel prices.
August 4, 2003

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