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Israel lifts ban on iPad imports

Apple's tablet computer will be allowed in the country after a ban led to confiscation of the device at airports.

The iPad is welcome in Israel after a ban on the device was lifted.

Two weeks after it began confiscating Apple iPads being brought into the country, Israel has lifted its ban on the tablet computer.

"Following the completion of intensive technical scrutiny, Israel Minister of Communications Moshe Kakhlon approved the import of [the] iPad to Israel," Yechiel Shabi, a spokesperson for the Communications Ministry, said in a statement.

Israel prohibited the devices from being imported into the country over concerns its wireless signal could disrupt other devices, leading to the seizure of several iPads at the country's airports. The Communications Ministry said iPads would be allowed to be imported beginning Sunday, limited to one per person, and that confiscated devices would be returned.

The iPad Wi-Fi-only model went on sale April 3 in the U.S., selling more than 300,000 devices on the first day. The strong demand for the device in the U.S. led the company to delay international shipments until the end of May, a month later than previously expected. Apple will begin taking international preorders on May 10.