iRing controls iPhone, iPad music apps via hand gestures

The $25 gadget is geared for professional music apps, but the developer envisions a role in games, health and fitness apps, and other mobile software.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
iRing IK Multimedia

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners who use music apps can control them now through a ring on their finger.

Launching this quarter at a price of $25, the iRing responds to the gestures of your hand to perform specific tasks on an iOS device. Nestled on your finger, the double-sided ring talks to your device's camera, which reads your various gestures. You simply move your hand up and down, left and right, or twist it around to control the action.

Created by IK Multimedia, the iRing supports the company's music apps, including GrooveMaker and VocaLive. As such, it's geared toward professional DJs and music makers who'd like to manage their music and sound effects without having to touch their iPhone or iPad.

But the company wants to expand the ring's power beyond mere music apps. It's encouraging developers of games, health and fitness software, and other mobile apps to take advantage of the technology. Interested developers can contact IK Multimedia to learn more.

The iRing is up for preorder at IK Multmedia's Web site and select musical instrument and consumer electronics stores. Buyers can choose a paint job of white, silver, or green. Two apps that work with the iRing -- iRing FX/Controller and iRing Music Maker -- will be available as free downloads from Apple's App Store.