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iPhone 5S in pink? Watch for new colors in spring, analyst says

Analyst Brian White claims the next iPhone will get the same color selection as the iPod Touch and arrive in May or June. Oh, and there will be a range of sizes.

Eric Mack Contributing Editor
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Eric Mack
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The iPhone 5S could come from the factory looking something like this as soon as May. eiphoneaccessories.com

A new year brings with it new iPhone 5S rumors. And this time around the latest from Apple could even come in pink.

Analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets is all bullish on Apple this morning claiming his sources tell him that the next iPhone will arrive in May or June with more choices for customers including "more color patterns and screen sizes." Apparently White's bulls aren't seeing just red Apples, though. Rather, he believes the iPhone 5S could have as many color choices as the most recent generation of the iPod Touch:

These colors included pink, yellow, blue, white & silver, black & slate... We believe the addition of color to the iPod Touch lineup was a testing ground for adding color to the next generation iPhone that we believe could be available in eight colors in total.

White also says his "checks" indicate that Apple could be planning to offer a single iPhone model in different screen sizes for the first time, perhaps opening the door to a lower-priced iPhone, or going after consumers interested in the trend of bigger phones and phablets like Samsung's higher-end Galaxy line of phones.

The rumor fits with the way Apple has traditionally worked and their movements of late. Testing the waters with the iPod Touch for an improvement to the iPhone and offering consumers greater choices to compete with the broadening market sounds a lot like Tim Cook's way of thinking to me.

Besides, what else is there for the iPhone fan who lines up for each iteration to buy? How about a second iPhone for his girlfriend or mother in pink? Brilliant.

(Via Barron's)