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iPhone 5C cases pop up on Amazon

Cases purportedly for Apple's low-cost iPhone are now available for preorder through the retail giant.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Future buyers of Apple's rumored low-cost iPhone can potentially find a host of cases awaiting them on Amazon.

Available for preorder, the Elago S5C Slim Fit 2 cases specifically list the iPhone 5C as part of their names. A few of the cases promise to be in stock on August 23, while others show a date of August 26. The regular cases sell for $9.99, while the editions that include a screen protector go for $24.99.

Plastic packaging labeled iPhone 5C recently appeared on a Chinese discussion forum, providing a possible clue to the name of the low-cost iPhone.

Of course, the cases by themselves aren't evidence of any low-priced iPhone. Manufacturers often develop cases and other products ahead of time hoping to cash in if and when the rumored device hits the market. They also gamble that their products will fit or be compatible with the actual device.

The low-cost iPhone did receive some exposure on Monday from a report by China Labor Watch. Documenting labor violations at Apple supplier Pegatron, CLW's report specifically mentioned a low-priced, plastic iPhone being manufactured by Pegatron factory workers.

(Via MacRumors)