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iPad still a destination for fun and games, study finds

A new study from research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has found that Web surfing and entertainment dominate iPad owners' time with their tablet.

A look at what recent iPad buyers are doing with the slate.
A look at what recent iPad buyers are doing with the slate.
Consumer Intelligence Research Partners

Apple's iPad can do an awful lot. But most iPad owners would prefer to stick to Web surfing and entertainment, according to a new study.

Research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners today released the results of a study it conducted of more than 1,000 iPad buyers between December 2011 and April 2012. CIRP asked those recent buyers what they're most likely to do with their slate and found that 40 percent of respondents indicated they surf the Web on the iPad, leading all possible activities.

Watching video, looking at photos, or listening to music, lumped together as "entertainment," were tapped as desired activities for about one-third of those buyers. Gaming came in third place with 27 percent of buyers saying they play titles on the device.

Interestingly, iPad use for other leisurely activities came in far down on the list, with only 11 percent of owners saying they use Apple's slate to access social networks. Just 8 percent of respondents told CIRP they use the iPad to read books or magazines. E-mail couldn't even get over the 10 percent mark, with just 9 percent of people saying they use the iPad for that activity.

CIRP also found that business-use seems to be increasing among iPad owners, and that the uptick appears to be coming from owners of Apple's newest iPad.

"Notably, buyers of the New iPad are more likely to use it for business, at 21 percent of buyers, compared to 13 percent of iPad users across all models," CIRP wrote in a research note.

According to CIRP's data, more than 20 percent of new iPad buyers are using their device for business, compared with less than 15 percent of legacy iPad owners.

Though Apple's iPad was initially viewed as a consumer-focused product, the tablet has been making serious inroads into the corporate world. Earlier this year, in fact, ChangeWave Research found that 22 percent of corporate tech buyers planned to purchase tablets for employees in the second quarter, and 84 percent of those folks planned to buy iPads.