iPad sales sink, while iPhone sales hit record numbers

Company reports 14.6 million in iPad sales, down from 17 million this time last year.

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Apple reported a big figure for iPhone sales in its third quarter and earnings that were just above what Wall Street was expecting.

The company saw $35.6 billion in sales, which is slightly up from its earnings in the same period last year. Not all the figures met expectations though. Sales for iPads and Macs were down from the previous year, and Apple didn't even bother to report iPod sales. (Apple sold 6.8 million iPods in the third quarter of 2012.)

Here's a look at some of the 2013 Q3 numbers that Apple did want to share:

$35.6 billion in sales. Apple's sales were mostly driven by iPhone sales, which CEO Tim Cook took care to highlight in his statement to the press. He also mentioned the iOS platform as a growing revenue source. This sales figure is up from $35 billion in Q3 of last year.

14.6 million iPads sold. iPad sales were down from last year, when Apple broke a quarterly record, selling 17 million iPads.

3.8 million Macs sold. That's down slightly from 4 million Macs sold in Q3 of 2012.

31.2 million iPhones sold. The iPhone sales was a quarterly record for Apple. The figure compares to the 26 million iPhones sold last year. Users have created 320 million iPhone accounts, sending 900 billion iMessages and 125 billion photos and triggering 8 trillion push notifications.

1 billion TV episodes and 390 million movies downloaded in iTunes. Apple said these huge figures break down to users downloading 800,000 TV episodes and 350,000 movies each day.

50 billion apps downloaded from App Store. Apple recently celebrated the App Store's 5-year anniversary and its recent figures show the platform is going strong. There are more than 900,000 apps available in the store, with 375,000 apps made specifically for the iPad. Developers have earned $11 billion from sales, and half of that was earned in the past four quarters, according to Apple.

$667 million from its retail stores. Apple said its retail locations had 48 million visitors this quarter, with 16,000 visitors per store, per week. The company added 6 new stores and expanded to 5 new countries, bringing the total number of stores to 408 stores, including 156 outside the U.S. It expects to open 9 new stores this year, with 27 new stores total for this year. Apple relocated 4 stores due to growth, bringing the total number of relocations this year to 23.