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iPad Mini will adopt Retina Display, says WSJ

Apple is prepping a new iPad Mini with the higher-resolution Retina Display, says The Wall Street Journal.


The iPad Mini will finally sport a Retina Display. But will we see it on Tuesday?

Citing information from Apple's component suppliers, The Wall Street Journal said Monday that "Apple is now readying a revamped iPad Mini with a high-resolution 'Retina' Display." The Journal's careful wording suggests that the new high-res Mini is in the works but doesn't specifically say it will take its bow at Apple's media event on Tuesday.

Prior reports have been on the fence over if and when a Retina iPad Mini will see the light of day. Some analysts say it will happen but cite manufacturing issues that may delay the launch of the device or at least limit its initial supply.

Apple is also working on a thinner, lighter version of the 9.7-inch iPad that will see its glass screen replaced with a thin film. But again, the Journal doesn't say when this revamped iPad will debut. Other reports have said that the fifth-generation iPad will borrow a new thin and light design from the Mini.

We should know for sure what the iPad Mini and iPad will offer after Apple kicks off its launch event at 10 a.m. PT Tuesday. CNET will host a live blog of the event.

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