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iPad Air adoption five times that of iPad 4 during first weekend

The new Air has also scored three times the adoption rate of the first iPad Mini during launch weekend, says mobile analytics firm Fiksu.

Apple's iPad Air.
Apple's iPad Air.

The iPad Air is already off to a better start than its predecessor.

Hitting stores last Friday, the latest-generation iPad saw five times the adoption level of the iPad 4 during its initial weekend, mobile analytics firm Fiksu said on Sunday. The Air's adoption rate is also three times that of the first iPad Mini.

And taking it one step further, the Air's adoption rate is twice as high as that of last year's iPad 4 and iPad Mini combined.

As of Sunday night, the Air accounted for 0.75 percent of all iPads seen by Fiksu. In contrast, the iPad 4 accounted for 0.37 percent of all iPads at the end of its launch weekend, and the iPad Mini for 0.35 percent.


Among all iPads adopted by consumers as of Monday morning, the iPad 2 is currently tops at 37.1 percent, according to Fiksu. The iPad 4 is in second place at 22.5 percent, followed by the iPad Mini at 20.8 percent, the iPad 3 at 18.5 percent, the Air at 0.8 percent, and the original iPad at 0.4 percent.

The iPad Mini 2 has yet to hit the charts as it's not due to reach consumers until later this month.

Fiksu derives its data by sampling the millions of iPads using its client mobile app and updating that information each hour.