iOS 6.1.2 reportedly will roll out next week to squash 6.1 bugs

The update, which would fix the Exchange syncing issue and the passcode hack in iOS 6.1, could come before Wednesday, claims a German blog site.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney

Apple may be prepping iOS 6.1.2 for launch early next week. At least, that's the claim from German Apple blog site iFun.

In a blog out today, iFun cited evidence that the next iOS update would probably be available before Wednesday.

Courtesy of Google, the English translation of the German page reads a bit rusty. But the information was apparently based on checks with different mobile carriers, according to 9to5Mac.

This sounds like something strictly for the rumor mill. However, iFun correctly pegged the launch of iOS 6.1.1 based on intel from the same sources, 9to5Mac added.

iOS 6.1.2 would resolve at least a couple of glitches introduced with version 6.1.

One bug due to be squashed keeps iOS 6.1 devices from syncing with Microsoft Exchange servers. Another flaw lets someone get through the iPhone's passcode through a specific series of steps, allowing that person to use the phone and listen to voice mails.

In both cases, Apple said it was aware of the issue and was working on a fix.

iOS 6.1.1 was released Monday, but only to iPhone 4s users, in an attempt to fix problems with cellular performance. Since then, several iPhone 4S users have complained that the battery drains faster after updating to 6.1.1.