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Welcome to CNET Magazine

For nearly 20 years, CNET has told the stories of technology and the people behind it with our groundbreaking website. Now we're bringing those stories to you in a new medium -- print.

CNET Magazine
The new CNET Magazine is here. Josh Miller/CNET

Every phone. Every car. Every tablet. Every smartwatch.

Every gadget has a story.

For nearly 20 years, CNET, through our pioneering online news and reviews site, has told stories of the technology, the people, and the companies reshaping our lives. We're proud to have created a digital destination that helps everyone -- from tech novices to enthusiasts -- stay current, discover new products, and learn how they work.

We've grown up with the Web and understand its magic. We know the power of online photographs, slideshows, deep and trusted reviews, and broadcast-quality Web videos. Our work reaches tens of millions of readers each month in all the ways consumers expect to find information -- on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

So it just makes sense that we'd take our expertise and deliver it through another medium we know our readers care about: print. Today we are proud to introduce the new CNET Magazine, available now in the United States and Canada.

Surprised? That's the point. While others are running away from print, we're embracing it to do what we've always done -- tell stories in fun and compelling new ways. Our quarterly magazine showcases original work you'll find only in the magazine, each piece reported and crafted by CNET's talented writers.

In our inaugural issue, you'll find Roger Cheng's exploration of the complicated connections in our digital lives. You'll read interviews with celebrities and visionaries, from LL Cool J to the executives driving a revolution in light bulb technology. We'll teach you tech tricks to brighten your days -- and maybe, after reading the secret to the perfectly positioned television, you'll want to redecorate your living room, too.

The irrepressible Stanley Bing brings his always-entertaining perspective on tech. And, of course, this wouldn't be CNET Magazine without our glorious, 24-page gift guide. It's the most interesting, informative tech buying guide you'll read this season, backed by the authority of CNET's reviews.

Only CNET tells the tech stories that matter to you, and now we're proud to share them in print.

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