Internet retailers on holiday hot seat

With analysts predicting a record year for online sales this holiday season, all eyes are on e-commerce firms to see if they can deliver the goods.

CNET News staff


Net retailers in eye of holiday storm
Toys "R" Us, eToys, Amazon.com, eBay, Virgin Megastore, Webvan and others will be under more pressure than ever to make sure their online stores can handle the crush of holiday traffic.

E-tailers fortify servers for holiday rush
Fearing overloads as holiday shoppers rush to their online doors, some Web sites say they are adding servers and otherwise preparing for what is sure to be the Net's biggest holiday season yet.

Holidays to cement online shopping's presence
Internet retail will come of age this holiday season, according to e-commerce analyst Chris Vroom.

eRescue smoothes way for holiday Net sales
Ernst & Young launches eRescue to bail out ailing Web companies during site failures or operational problems--a hot button for Net retailers this holiday season.

A movable feast
Online grocery stores could face their biggest holiday test this week--not next month--when they have to deliver Thanksgiving Day turkeys to hundreds of households.