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Intel plows ahead

With improved chips at the high end and cutting costs at the low end, Intel's making efforts to boost sagging margins.

Intel has released a Pentium II-style processor intended for high-end workstations and servers, dubbed Xeon, which can utilize four processors at once. But a bug is delaying the debut of the fastest "4-way" servers. The chip will allow the company to recover lost profit margins in the low end of the PC industry. In the meantime, reducing the cost of processors for portable PCs paves the way for more Pentium models around $1,000.

Intel cuts mobile chip prices
lead story Intel reduces the cost of processors for portable PCs, paving the way for more Pentium models around the closely watched $1,000 mark.

Powerful Intel chip debuts
As Intel announces its most powerful processor architecture yet, the company works to eradicate a bug that affects multichip designs.

Intel confirms server chip bug
The chipmaker confirms that a bug exists in the Xeon Pentium II processor when the chip is used in 4-way server configurations.

Potential bug clouds Xeon release
Workstation and server makers prepare to introduce lines based on Intel's new chip--but a potential bug may put off 4-way servers.