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Intel gets cheap

Celeron leads Intel's foray into the cheap desktop market, while Pentium II notebook prices are dropping too.

PC vendors are jumping on the cheap chip bandwagon. Earlier this year, AMD made ground on Intel, but lately low-cost systems have been incorporating the Celeron, while Pentium II notebook prices have been dropping. In the future, Intel will develop an even cheaper line of StrongARM processors.

Integrated Celeron due August 24
lead story HP, IBM, Packard Bell NEC, and others will come out with 333-MHz low-cost systems and also 450-MHz business PCs later this month.

HP offers stripped-down $799 PC
Hewlett-Packard releases a new series of stripped-down PCs, as well as a Pentium II machine with recordable CD-ROM drive.

Toshiba notebook under $2,000
Toshiba introduces the Satellite 4000 with a Pentium II chip for less than $2,000, as part of a broad announcement on its notebooks.

Intel dives into new chip line
After some ambivalence, Intel is moving to sell and develop inexpensive StrongARM chips for handhelds, cell phones, and the like.