Intel debuts wireless software tools

The chipmaker introduces its first set of compiler programs for wireless devices powered by its XScale processors and built on its Personal Internet Client Architecture.

Matt Hines
Matt Hines Staff Writer, CNET News.com
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Intel introduced on Tuesday its first set of compiler programs for wireless devices powered by its XScale processors and built on the Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture.

Compilers are software tools that filter data written in a particular programming language and transform the information into code understood by the microprocessor in any given device. Software developers use compilers to translate programming languages such as C++ into the language that can be read by a particular processor.

Intel announced earlier this year that it would release a series of compilers to help increase performance of applications written for use in devices built around its processors.

Company executives said the new compilers are for use with Microsoft's eMbedded Visual C++ programming language and Intel's Pentium 4, Xeon and Itanium 2 processor product lines. Intel said it launched the compilers to offer software developers a consistent set of tools for use in building applications on mobile computing devices based on the company's chips.

"Availability of these new compilers means developers have tools to improve the performance of applications spanning Intel-based mobile and wireless devices, desktops and servers," Jon Khazam, general manager of Intel's Software Products Division, said in a statement.

Intel claims that applications built using the compilers offer improved graphics, increased interactivity and stronger communications capabilities with other devices implemented in networks. The company said the compilers enhance the performance of productivity applications, games and cell phones.

The compilers are available in two forms: The Intel C++ Compiler for Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ is available from Intel for $399, and is intended for applications development. The Intel C++ Compiler for Platform Builder for Microsoft Windows CE.Net is available for $1,499 and is intended for use by device manufacturers and systems integrators.