Intel adds touch of speed

Intel will launch a platform that targets the Pentium processor for handheld computers.

Brooke Crothers Former CNET contributor
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Brooke Crothers
Intel (INTC) will launch a platform which targets the Pentium processor for handheld computers.

Intel's new platform will offer developers support for 100-, 133-, and 166-MHz Pentium processors for use in handheld computing devices and the embedded market, the company said.

To date, Intel has offered support only for 486 processors in this area. This current 486 platform for handheld computers and the embedded market includes the ultra-low-power Hummingbird 486 processor.

SystemSoft, a major PC Card and BIOS system software vendor, has announced the MobilePRO family of system level BIOS, Power Management, and system control software for this Pentium platform.

Applications range from point-of-sale devices and smart cellular phones to highly computational intensive applications like handheld personal digital assistants and networking computers, the company said.