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Inprise ships transaction middleware

The firm begins shipping VisiBroker Integrated Transaction Service, which supports both Java and C++ clients and servers.

Inprise has begun shipping VisiBroker Integrated Transaction Service (ITS), its transactional middleware that supports both Java and C++ clients and servers.

Inprise, which this year changed its name from Borland, also claims to be the first transaction service to support Sun Microsystems' new Java Transaction Service, a major element for application servers based on Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs). VisiBroker ITS will be a key component of Inprise's enterprise application server, scheduled for delivery this year.

"Inprise's mission is to radically simplify the development, deployment, and maintenance of enterprise applications," said Steve Yellenberg, Inprise group product manager. "We built ITS from the ground up to provide a graphical tool to make it easier to install, easier to deploy your applications."

Sun's JTS is a specification that will be needed to build application software that requires application servers and EJBs, Yellenberg said.

"We are now the first vendor with a true JTS solution," he added.

VisiBroker ITS works with VisiBroker Object Request Broker (ORB) to manage transactions for the applications. An ITS white paper is located on the Inprise Web site.

Details on Inprise's application server will be released next month at the firm's developers conference.

VisiBroker ITS will support Object Management Group's CORBA 2.0 specification, including the transaction service 1.1 specification. It also complies with Sun's JTS specification, the X/Open DTP standard, and its XA interfaces to database and other resource managers.

Pricing for the developer suite begins at $4,995. The suite includes ITS VisiBroker for Java, VisiBroker for C++, a naming service, and an event service.