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India's Wipro acquires Enabler

Indian outsourcing firm Wipro says the $52.5 million deal is part of a plan to build expertise in different sectors.

Indian outsourcing company Wipro announced Thursday that it is acquiring Portuguese IT company Enabler for 41 million euros ($52.5 million). Enabler was spun out of the internal IT department of Modelo Continente, Portugal's leading retail company, in 1997 and now provides retail consulting and integration services, mainly for Oracle products. The company has more than 300 staff and customers in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, the Middle East, Spain and the U.K.

Sudip Nandy, chief strategy officer at Wipro, said the acquisition further expands the Indian company's geographic footprint and is part of a plan to build up expertise in different industry sectors. The acquisition is expected to be completed within a month.

Andy McCue of reported from London.