iHome's 'Sound Sleeve' iPad case has built-in speakers

With built-in rechargeable flat NXT stereo speakers, the iDM70 is both an iPad case/stand and mini stereo sound system.

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David Carnoy

The iHome iDM70 includes built-in speakers powered by a rechargeable battery. iHome

If you're looking to augment the sound of your iPad's speakers but don't want to buy a full-fledged speaker dock to tote around, iHome's splitting the difference with its upcoming iDM70 "Sound Sleeve" case that includes built-in rechargeable flat NXT stereo speakers.

At its core, the company says the iDM70 is a protective faux-leather case and six-position stand, but it also has those integrated powered speakers that recharge via USB. The system does weigh in at 1.2 pounds, which almost doubles the weight of your iPad, and it's arguably more cumbersome to carry around than an external speaker system.

We'll let you know how much the iHome "Sound Sleeve" costs and when it will ship as soon as we find out. We'll also let you know how it sounds when we get a chance to hear it in action.