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IBM revamps ThinkPads

IBM has added more powerful processors, bigger hard disks, and faster CD-ROM drives to its ThinkPad models 365 and 560.

IBM is adding more muscle to two popular models in its ThinkPad notebook lineup.

The ThinkPad 365 models will now be available with 133-MHz Pentium processors, larger hard disks, and faster CD-ROM drives, the company announced today.

The new ThinkPad 365XD includes a 133-MHz Pentium processor, a 1.35GB hard disk, 6-speed CD-ROM drive, and an 11.3-inch display, priced from $1,999.

All models in the company's popular ThinkPad 560 series are now available with 133-MHz Pentium processors, up to 2.1GB of hard disk capacity, and support for Sound Blaster Pro audio applications, said IBM. Prices start at $2,699.

Both models are equipped with Netscape's Navigator Web browser and Lotus Smart Suite software.

Updated ThinkPad 365 configurations
Model 365XD 365XD 365XD 365X
Pentium processor 120MHz 133MHz 133MHz 133MHz
SVGA display/
10.4" TFT / 64K 11.3" TFT / 64K 11.3" DSTN / 256 11.3" DSTN / 256
Hard disk drive 1.08 GB 1.35 GB 1.35 GB 1.08 GB
Memory (std/max) 8/40 MB 8/40 MB 8/40 MB 8/40 MB
CD-ROM 6X 6X 6X Optional
Weight 6.1 lbs. 6.2 lbs. 6.2 lbs. 5.9 lbs.

Updated ThinkPad 560 configurations
Model 560 560
Pentium processor 133MHz 133MHz
SVGA display/colors 12.1o TFT 11.3o DSTN
Hard disk drive 2.1 GB 2.1 GB
Memory (std/max) 8MB-40MB 8MB-40MB
Detachable floppy disk drive 1.44MB 1.44MB
Thinness/weight 1.2o/4.1 lbs. 1.2o/4.1 lbs.