IBM, Boeing team up for defense work

The defense-related work is estimated to be worth $200 billion.

Ed Frauenheim
Ed Frauenheim Former Staff Writer, News
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Aerospace giant Boeing and computing titan IBM on Monday announced an alliance to pursue defense-related work estimated to be worth $200 billion. The companies said they will focus on ground and space-based systems to improve the nation's military communications, intelligence operations and homeland security. Through a 10-year alliance, the companies said they will develop "advanced digital communications and information technologies for current and future Department of Defense and intelligence systems." The technologies will be vital for "network-centric operations" where satellites, aircraft, ships, submarines, tanks, radios and even handheld computers share information using the same interfaces, standards or protocols, Boeing and IBM said.

Other technology companies, including Accenture and Computer Sciences Corp., have been gunning to get a share of the government's work related to national security and information technology.