IBM ad campaign rolls on demand

Big Blue mounts a new ad campaign aimed at convincing companies that adopting IBM's technology and services will boost their business.

John G. Spooner
John G. Spooner Staff Writer, CNET News.com
John Spooner
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IBM is mounting a new ad campaign aimed at convincing companies that adopting Big Blue's technology and services will improve their business.

The new promotion, which made its debut on Monday, marks IBM's second round of ads created to push its new on-demand initiative. On demand, launched by IBM last October, packages hardware, software and services in a way designed to help customers harness and tap computing resources the same way they might use a service such as electricity.

Since October, IBM has launched a host of new software products and services, which support the on-demand plan.

The new ads, like their predecessors, also depict a group of business executives at a boardroom table troubleshooting such topics as using computers and software to integrate business processes--an idea the company hopes will convince buyers to work with IBM.

The campaign kicks off with print and television ads, which, according to a company representative, will become more specific about products. These more business-focused ads will tout IBM's software, services and other offers by name.

"This is a second phase, so that customers can see what they need to purchase or what they need to implement" from the company, the IBM representative said.

IBM will not reveal how much it is spending on the campaign, the spokesman said; however, sources familiar with the company's plan say IBM is expected to spend about $600 million in total on advertising this year.