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I can't believe I'm becoming an Apple Fanboy

Mark Cuban joins the Apple fan club.

I ordered a MacBook Air site unseen. That's a first for me.

As I write this I'm about to go workout and it dawns on me that I'm on my 3rd generation of Apple iPod. I started with the original, switched to a bigger version (to back up all my pics and show off my kids to my friends) and then for the holidays, got myself and wife an iTouch.

Goodbye ipod. With the new $20 dollar software that I downloaded yesterday, my iTouch gives me music, pictures and now email, calendar and a very cool basic GPS system that leverages the WiFi available. Touchtyping is still impossible for me on it, so it wont ever replace my phone for texting or primary mobile email, but its definitely encroaching on its territory. Solve the keyboard problem for fat fingered typists and I might even buy an iPhone.

I like the iTouch enough that I just sent an email to the Mavs IT head to see how we fans with iTouchs (and Wifi devices like Nokia among others) could leverage WiFi in the American Airlines Center before , during and after Mavs games, HDNet Fights and other events...

After many PC years, I've crossed over. Me the fanboy.