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Huawei rebuts 'misperceptions' of U.S. authorities

In a lengthy open letter, the Chinese telecommunications gear maker invites investigation by the U.S. to dispel long-running worries over threats to national security.

Huawei wireless base stations
Huawei base stations for 2G, 3G, and eventually 4G LTE telecommunications, on display at the company's main campus in Shenzhen, China. David Meyer/ZDNet UK

Huawei has hit back at various allegations against the company, including those over supposed links with the Chinese military, financial support from the Chinese government, and threats to U.S. national security.

In a lengthy open letter released yesterday, Huawei USA chairman Ken Hu said these "falsehoods have had a significant and negative impact on our business activity and, as such, they must be addressed as part of our effort to correct the record." He invited U.S. authorities to investigate Huawei and its security.

Hu's letter was prompted by the U.S. administration's opposition to Huawei's acquisition of assets from an insolvent California server company called 3Leaf. After the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) said on February 11 that the $2 million deal should not go ahead, the Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer dropped the purchase plan.

"Unfortunately, over the past 10 years, as we have been investing in the United States, we have encountered a number of misperceptions that some hold about Huawei," Hu said.

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