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HTC has 'no intention' to settle with Apple, say reports

HTC remains defiant, at least publicly, in the wake of the ruling against Samsung in the U.S.

HTC One X.
HTC One X.

HTC's chairperson said that the company has no intention of settling with Apple, according to Asia-based reports.

The report appeared in Wednesday's Digitimes and other Asia-based publications, which cite comments from Cher Wang, chairperson of HTC.

HTC "has great skills in innovation and has the confidence to face legal lawsuits with Apple," the Digitimes report says, attributing those comments to Wang.

She also said that the $1 billion jury verdict against Samsung in the U.S. "does not mean the failure of the entire Google Android ecosystem."

HTC has been mired in a legal battle of its own with Apple for a number of years now. Back in March 2010, for example, Apple sued HTC over iPhone patents. More than a year after that, an initial ruling by the International Trade Commission came down in Apple's favor.

HTC has been suing Apple, as well.

The Digitimes story also mentioned that HTC will likely introduce at least three new models in the coming weeks, including the HTC One X+ with a 5-inch touch screen and support for 4G LTE.