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HP suit dismissed; Hewlett concedes

special coverage Walter Hewlett abandons his opposition after a Delaware judge rules that HP's shareholder vote was legal, paving the way for the merger to be completed.


By CNET Staff
April 30, 2002, 7:20 p.m. PT

Walter Hewlett abandons his opposition after a Delaware judge rules that Hewlett-Packard's shareholder vote was legal, paving the way for the company to complete its $19 billion merger with Compaq Computer.

Hewlett abandons merger challenge
Walter Hewlett abandons his challenge to Hewlett-Packard's merger with Compaq Computer, saying he would not further challenge the outcome of a March 19 shareholder vote.

Judge dismisses HP merger lawsuit
Chancellor William Chandler III rules that Hewlett-Packard's shareholder vote was legal, giving the go-ahead for the company to complete the Compaq merger.

See special coverage: A Fight to the Finish

HP: Hewlett must stand down
Hewlett-Packard urges a Delaware judge to restore "the integrity and moral rectitude" of its CEO Carly Fiorina and Chief Financial Officer Bob Wayman by ruling in its favor.

Hardball tactics and headaches
news analysis After three days of courtroom drama between Walter Hewlett and Hewlett-Packard over the acquisition of Compaq, it's clear that neither side emerged unscathed.

Judge: HP ruling will come "quickly"
Three days of courtroom inquiry into Hewlett-Packard's merger efforts come to an abrupt end as both sides decline to make closing arguments.

Smooth sailing at shareholder meeting
Unlike last month's standing-room-only vote on the Compaq acquisition, Friday's annual meeting of HP shareholders--at which Walter Hewlett was not renominated to the board--was a sedate affair.

Hewlett: Rumor played a part
Under cross-examination, dissident director Walter Hewlett concedes that his criticism of the HP-Compaq integration process is based partly on rumors and an anonymous letter.

Fiorina pushes back
After a terse first day, Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is more talkative, drawing analogies and holding her ground against forays by the opposition's attorney.

Merger may hinge on Capellas journal
A short but shocking missive could play a pivotal role in dissident shareholder Walter Hewlett's efforts to block the planned merger of computer giants Hewlett-Packard and Compaq.

Fiorina irritated on witness stand
Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina gets impatient as lawyers for Walter Hewlett repeatedly question her about HP's integration efforts and whether they were going as planned.

Hewlett blasts HP-Compaq integration
Opening arguments begin in the Hewlett vs. Hewlett-Packard trial, with the lawyer for Walter Hewlett displaying a host of potentially damaging e-mails.

Humor amid the HP testimony
If you want entertainment, listen to a witness' cross-examination. If you want to know their major in college, pay attention to the questions from their own side.

Trial starts with a waiting game
At the courthouse, where Hewlett-Packard is pitted against a dissident shareholder, placeholders stand in line for lawyers and others. Says one: "It's good money."

Integration carries on in merger limbo
The fate of the merger will be in the hands of a Delaware court, but the massive job of integrating the two companies continues unabated.

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