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HP offers combo leasing

The leasing program for small and mid-size businesses pairs up laser jet printers with PCs.

Hewlett-Packard today announced a leasing program for small and mid-size businesses, pairing several of its laser jet printers with business PCs.

The new program allows customers to pair an HP Brio desktop PC with one of three laserjet printers: the HP LaserJet 3100, the HP LaserJet 4000, and the HP LaserJet 5000.

The LaserJet 3100 is an all-in-one printer, offering fax, copier, and scanner capabilities as well as monochrome laserjet printing for a retail price of $699. The 3100 is paired with the Brio 7111N, a minitower featuring a 266-MHz Intel Celeron processor, 32MB of memory, 2.1GB hard drive, retailing for $799. The LaserJet 3100 and Brio 7111N will lease for $59 per month.

The LaserJet 4000, which includes HP JetDirect 600N, JetDirect print servers and printer management software, has a retail price of $1,419. This printer will be bundled with the Brio 7134B, which retails for $1,119, and features a 333-MHz Celeron processor and a 4.3GB hard drive. This combination will lease for $79 per month.

The LaserJet 5000, retailing for $1,449, also includes the 600N print server and management software, and delivers printing speeds of 16 pages per minute. The LaserJet 5000 is paired with the Brio 7174, which, like the 7124B, features a Celeron 333-MHz processor and retails for $1,250. The Brio 7174 package is priced at $99 per month.

The leases run for 36 months.

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