HP Mini 210 Netbooks get a visual upgrade

Two new plaid designs are joining HP's popular line of Mini 210 Netbooks.

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Dan Ackerman

HP's popular line of Mini 210 Netbooks is expanding, at least visually. Two new plaid designs are joining the collection, named iceberry and raspberry. Existing colors include charcoal, lavender frost, luminous rose, and ocean drive.

The actual internal components of the Mini 210 are unchanged, anchored by the Intel Atom CPU. In a way, that's not surprising, as PC makers have been trying to move consumers up from low-cost Netbooks to more expensive 11-inch ultraportables, so there's little motivation to radically overhaul the basic Netbook spec sheet.

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Instead, HP (and other Netbook makers) are emphasizing design, colors, and matching accessories. For these two new colors, HP is also producing color-coordinated nylon clutch sleeves (with faux fur linings) and matching USB mice, both for under $30.

The HP Mini 210 in iceberry launches January 9 in the U.S., starting at $349.99. The HP Mini 210 in raspberry will be available exclusively at Best Buy starting January 23, with a starting price of $329.99.