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HP handheld organizer ready to go

Hewlett-Packard expands its line of handheld organizers with the addition of the OmniGo 120.

Hewlett-Packard (HWP) has expanded its line of handheld organizers with the addition of the OmniGo 120.

New features include a screen which uses holographic technology to make the display brighter and bundled financial software. The OmniGo 120 will include Quicken's Pocket Quicken software Intuit, a personal and business finance program people can use to track expenses and budgets while out of the office.

The OmniGo 120 uses the Geos operating system from Geoworks and has both pen and keyboard entry capability. In notepad mode, users fold the screen over to write notes, while users view keystrokes in another mode.

An optional Connectivity Pack automates file management, backup, and synchronization between the OmniGo and a Windows-based PC. The pack also enables use of built-in Clip&Go software which allows cut and paste operations between the organizer and desktop PC.

The OmniGo 120 is expected to retail for $399 and will be available only in North America. No shipment date has been set.