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HP extends services deal with AOL

Hewlett-Packard will continue to supervise call management services and oversee proactive support tools and processes.

Hewlett-Packard has extended a services and maintenance contract with America Online, HP said Wednesday.

Under the three-year deal, HP will manage nearly 15,000 servers and workstations located in the northern Virginia, Ohio and California offices of the online company. HP will supervise call management services and oversee proactive support tools and processes, and it will maintain an on-site support team and an inventory of spare parts.

As part of the push for its Adaptive Enterprise strategy, HP has signed a string of outsourcing deals with companies to manage their IT infrastructures.

The AOL agreement is an extension of an existing one-year services contract, the companies said.

HP said the deal is based on a "flexible pricing structure" but did not specify rates. The arrangement will let AOL consolidate support contracts from different suppliers under one service agreement, to enhance efficiency and drive down costs, HP said.

"This relationship with HP will give AOL more streamlined service delivery, while providing clear savings and achieving simplification, standardization and modularity in its IT environment," Mike Rigodanzo, senior vice president of technology services at HP, said in a statement.