HP cuts flagship PC prices

Hewlett-Packard is slashing prices on its flagship Vectra PCs by up to 24 percent.

Brooke Crothers Former CNET contributor
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Brooke Crothers
Hewlett-Packard said today that it will cut prices up to 24 percent on all of its flagship Vectra corporate desktop PCs beginning later this week.

Pricing for the HP Vectra commercial VE, VL, and VA PCs will now begin as low as $1,110, and the HP Vectra XM, XA, and XU computers will start at $1,558. Prices for the HP Vectra 500 Series small-business PCs will start at $1,171.

For instance, the VE 5/100, with a 100-MHz Pentium processor, a 850MB hard disk drive, and 16MB of RAM, will plummet 24 percent to $1,226 from $1,612.

The VL 5/120 with a 120MHz Pentium processor, a 1.28GB hard disk drive, 16MB of RAM, and a 256K level-2 cache, will fall to $1,486 from $1,809, a drop of 18 percent.

The Vectra small office 510MCx with a 133MHz Pentium processor, 1.2GB hard disk drive, 8MB of RAM, a 28.8-kbps modem, and an 8X CD-ROM, was reduced to $1,647 from $1,871, a decline of 12 percent.

The XA 6/180 with a 180MHz Pentium Pro processor, a 2.5GB hard disk drive, 32MB of RAM, a 256K level-2 cache, and an 8X CD-ROM drive will tumble to $3,081 from $3,512, a decrease of 14 percent.