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How Ford makes its cars smarter

In the fast-evolving world of connected cars, CTO Paul Mascarenas is bringing Detroit and Silicon Valley together to chart Ford's path into the future.

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Brian Cooley
How Ford makes its cars smarter
Watch this: How Ford makes its cars smarter

I remember when Paul Mascarenas was named CTO of Ford. It was January 2011, and literally days later he made his way to the CNET stage for a chat at the Consumer Electronics Show. About 18 months later, the company opened its new Silicon Valley Lab to try and emulate the pace of innovation found in the electronics industry. These were very real indications that Mascarenas and Ford would place more than lip service on being in the midst of consumer electronics, and not just in the car business.

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Mascarenas is part of CEO Alan Mulally's reinvention of Ford that they will tell you, constantly on message, emphasizes efficiency, quality, and technology. Ford Sync and MyFord Touch are among the most advanced in-car tech platforms in the industry. That sort of innovation has put Ford in the crosshairs as the tech goes through its growing pains, but Mascarenas and Mulally have not wavered in their commitment to make vehicles a seamless extension of our other mobile devices.

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