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How Apple v. Samsung stacks up against other big tech cases

Billions of dollars and Samsung's ability to sell numerous cellphone models in the United States are on the line in this case. Is that enough to rank it among the biggest in tech?

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison leaves court after testifying in the Oracle v. Google trial.
James Martin

There's a lot riding on the verdict the jury in Apple v. Samsung will render.

One of the parties could end up owing the other a lot of money. The court might bar Samsung from selling the various phones that Apple alleges are rip-offs of the iPhone, at least in the U.S. Google's other Android partners that Apple might also find themselves in jeopardy.

Yesterday, U.S. District Lucy Koh handed over Apple v. Samsung to the jurors. Last year, Apple accused Samsung of stealing some of the design and technology ideas that went into the iPhone and iPad. Samsung retaliated by suing Apple for violating some of its patents. The jury has been listening to the two sides present their cases since July 31.

So with so much on the line, how does the case rank among the biggest courtroom conflicts in tech history? We thought we'd offer our choices of the most influential cases. And remember, you likely have time to ponder on your own picks. Experts tell CNET that it's unlikely the jury can sort out in a single day the many complex questions it faces.

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