HotWired relaunched again

Wired Digital introduces its fourth revision of HotWired.

Paul Festa Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Paul Festa
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Paul Festa
Wired Digital today introduced its fourth revision of HotWired.

In its many incarnations, HotWired has evolved from more of a general-interest site to one focused on technology-oriented information. Since HotWired's launch in 1994, it has slowly dropped sections devoted to topics such as alternative health and cocktail recipes.

HotWired 5.0 is designed to focus more heavily on stories from Wired Digital's news service. HotWired has been carrying news headlines since its last redesign, but such links are more prominently displayed now.

Suck, another Wired Digital property, also has a higher profile on HotWired 5.0.

New features include more complete archives of content from HotWired and Wired magazine. Now-defunct parent company Wired Ventures sold the print magazine to Condé Nast Publications in May. Wired Digital, the remaining arm of Wired Ventures, will archive the magazine's content on HotWired under a deal with Condé Nast.

With today's revision, HotWired has dropped its regular column by media commentator Jon Katz. It also has ceased to publish a standing feature that profiled job openings in the high-tech industry.

Continuing on the site will be Web-building resources and a discussion and member home page area.

Wired Digital spokesman Andrew de Vries characterized today's launch as a beta version and said the final version would launch tomorrow morning.