High-tech Hollywood

Netscape joins the growing trend toward marrying Silicon Valley with Tinseltown, which is fueled by the convergence of PCs and television.

CNET News staff
Time was when Silicon Valley and Tinseltown may as well have been two different planets. These days, it's getting harder to tell them apart, as partnerships between entertainment and high-tech giants continue to rise. The strategy has yet to pay off, however.

Tech chic is newest star
High-tech is going Hollywood, but the ballyhooed convergence has yet to generate much of anything other than hype.

Netscape turns on the charm
The firm is launching a glitzy movie studio campaign to push the consumer-oriented content on its Netcenter portal site.

A peek at Disney Blast for Mac
update Disney Online says Blast Online, its online service for children, is now available to Macintosh users in beta form.

Allen increases DreamWorks stake
update The venture capitalist reportedly will become DreamWorks' biggest shareholder, signaling his increasing interest in content.