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Hewlett-Packard Plans to Unveil Updated PC

Las Vegas--Early next spring, Hewlett-Packard's home products division will unveil new additions to its Pavilion line of home PCs, company officials said here today. Officials declined to provide details, saying only that the new systems will provide home users with "flexible information appliances."

After little more than a year, HP's home products division has carved a healthy slice of the market, said Brian Burch, marcom manager for the unit. The next year will be important in terms of generating broader demands for PCs at home, said Burch. "I think 3D is definitely going to have an impact," he added. But Burch says PCs are already making rapid inroads. "I think PCs have already reached a broad level of acceptance in the home."

Despite the recent hype over low-cost Net terminals, Burch says most consumers will still want a PC. "If someone offered you a brand-new TV for $100 instead of $300, but all you could get on it was the talk shows, would you want one? Probably not." However, "if we find that consumers want these, we'll be there."