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HD camera, new monitor attract crowds

Electronics show attendees were interested in, among other things, a new Sanyo video camera and a BenQ monitor.

LAS VEGAS--Among the products attracting crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Saturday were a new Sanyo high-definition video camera and a BenQ monitor.

Space was tight around Sanyo's digital camera booth where the company was showing off its new Xacti HD1 digital media camera that fits in a pocket and shoots both still photos and video, simultaneously.

The camera shoots high-definition video and takes 5.1-megapixel photos, and has a 10x optical zoom lens and a light emitting diode LED display that flips out from the side of the camera. Using an optional 1 gigabyte SD memory card allows for 20 minutes of high-definition video and audio.

"I want to buy it, today," said one man inspecting the camera.

"It's cool," added another man, from Atlanta, who declined to give his name. "The closest I could find in high-definition is $2,000 (from other companies). Having this kind of image quality would be fabulous at $800."

Meanwhile, Taiwanese company BenQ announced the availability of its FP93GX monitor, which it said was the world's fastest 19-inch LCD monitor with a 2-millisecond gray-to-gray response time.

The company's proprietary Advanced Motion Accelerator technology enables a performance on the monitor that is similar to that of the CRT monitor, offering sharper images with no lagging or image blurring when watching videos or playing PC games, BenQ said.

BenQ also said it was releasing publicly the world's smallest and lightest projector. The new CP120 micro-portable digital projector weighs only 2.9 pounds and offers wireless connectivity compatible with the three most common 802.11 wireless standards, 802.11a, b and g.

The company also announced a new FP93V 19-inch monitor designed around the Macintosh Mini and two new high-definition TV lines in its VL series, and displayed a concept LED-based pocket projector dubbed "P1."