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Have national security clearance? Facebook wants you

The social network reportedly wants to hire employees with national security clearance.

Reflection from Facebook social networking website reflected in woman's eye
Facebook is reportedly looking for employees who have national security clearance.
Iain Masterton/Getty Images

Facebook wants to hire employees who have national security clearances to help prevent foreign entities from impacting future American elections, Bloomberg reported Monday

The social network wants to use these people, who can access information classified by the US government, "to search more proactively for questionable social media campaigns ahead of elections," according to Bloomberg. 

Facebook officials declined to comment on the report.

Fake news disseminated online in the lead-up to Donald Trump's presidential victory last year has become a hot topic that has entangled tech giants including Facebook, Twitter and Google. Numerous reports say fake news shared on social networks helped Trump, and was connected to the Russian government.