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Hacking for one, hacking for all

A hacker group says you shouldn't have to pay for bug information. Also: Are all hackers malicious? Opinions vary, but perhaps they can mind their manners at Defcon.

Want bug information? You shouldn't have to pay for it, a hacker group says. Also: Are all hackers malicious? Opinions vary, but perhaps code warriors will mind their manners at this year's Defcon conference.

Putting fun back into hacking
At Defcon, the annual capture-the-flag tournament captivates hackers and spectators with a new scenario, snazzy graphics and tougher scoring.
August 5, 2002

Security pros create resource on flaws
A new database will allow anyone to access information on software vulnerabilities, addressing worries about limits on company-owned data.
August 2, 2002

Fed plea: Stop security leaks
Federal officials implore researchers and hackers who find security vulnerabilities to disclose the information more responsibly.
August 4, 2002

Vigilante hacking touted as virus cure
A security researcher says striking back against a computer that is spreading a worm is the best way to thwart a destructive attack.
August 4, 2002

Old game machine learns new hacking trick
Two security researchers show attendees at the Defcon hacking conference how to reuse Dreamcasts as stealthy network monitoring devices.
August 2, 2002

Shaking the hacker stigma
special report Code warriors or criminals? An underground school of "ethical" hackers works to reprogram its bad reputation and be known as the good guys.
August 2, 2002

previous coverage
Klez remains atop virus lists
The Klez worm is topping lists of the most active viruses for yet another month, although several new pests made strong showings.
August 1, 2002

Summer surprises with virus relief
An antivirus firm reports that the number of Net virus attacks fell in July compared with June--the first time this year that reported virus infections dropped month-on-month.
August 1, 2002

Security czar points finger of blame
Who's to blame for security breaches? President Bush's cybersecurity czar says software makers and ISPs are among the five groups guilty of not doing enough to lock up the Internet.
July 31, 2002

Attack disables music industry Web site
A denial-of-service attack puts the online home of the Recording Industry Association of America temporarily out of reach after the group backs a bill targeting P2P networks.
July 29, 2002