Griffin Navigate is more than just an iPhone remote

Griffin Technology unveiled the Navigate, an iPod remote control that also has a built-in FM stereo radio. The coolest part? It can be used with an iPhone, too!

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Griffin Navigate is a remote with an FM radio for iPod and iPhone
Griffin Navigate is a remote with an FM radio for iPod and iPhone Griffin

Griffin Technology showed off the Navigate at a CES press event yesterday, though it was announced officially at Macworld several hours before. The Navigate may seem like just an ordinary iPod remote, and indeed it can be used that way. A nice bonus is that you can also use it with the iPhone, which could be a good thing if you're not crazy about the iPhone's touch-screen controls (also pretty useful when you're driving and need to not look at the screen). But the Navigate also has a built-in FM radio as well as four station presets and RDS track info display. The device itself is decent, with an OLED screen, a power switch, the typical play, stop, pause, forward, backward, and scan controls, and an EQ mode as well.

Griffin is also planning on an iPhone application called iFM that will work together with the Navigate remote. iFM will identify your geographic location and automatically lists local radio stations so you can just tap your desired radio station from the list instead of having to scan for it. iFM will also display broadcast information like title, album, and artist info. Griffin plans to release iFM sometime in March 2009.