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Google pledges $1 million to Puerto Rico hurricane relief

Combined with earlier donations, Google says it, its workers and the public have given $7 million for Harvey, Irma and Maria recovery efforts.

Google is the latest tech company to provide money to help rebuild shorelines and communities in the US and Caribbean in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

The company said Tuesday it will donate $1 million to Puerto Rico hurricane relief, which includes funds collected from Google employees. Combined with earlier donations, Google said the company, its workers and "the public" have given $7 million to aid in recovery from Harvey, Irma and Maria. 

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A "small team" of Google engineers also volunteered in the wake of Harvey and Irma to set up hot spots and lend IT support to shelters and nonprofit organizations.

Apple, Facebook and Uber have also donated to hurricane relief. Facebook, for example, added $1 million to the $9 million its users raised for Hurricane Harvey victims, for a total of $10 million. The company gave an additional $1 million for flood victims in South Asia

Tech companies have rallied not just to assist relief efforts, but also to combat climate change, which scientists believe contributes to more powerful storms. In June, Apple, Facebook and Google as well as Tesla founder Elon Musk unsuccessfully urged President Donald Trump not to back out of the Paris accord to fight global warming. It may be that Silicon Valley's biggest brands are prepared take a more active role in environmental issues. 

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