Google launches search app for Windows RT

As a follow-up to its search app for Windows 8, Google has released a new app specifically for Windows RT.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Windows RT users now have a Google search app to call their own.

Yesterday the search giant unveiled a Google Search app optimized for Windows RT tablets. The company had already launched a search app for Windows on October 23, but that version lacked support for Windows RT devices.

Available in the Windows Store, the RT edition of Google Search mimics its Windows 8 counterpart. And since it's exclusive to RT tablets, the emphasis is on touch-screen gestures.

You can search by tapping and typing in the search field or by using your voice. You can run an image search and then swipe through each image until you find the one you want. Swiping from the left displays a list of recent searches and a link to your full search history.

An Instant Previews mode displays a preview of each Web page in your search results, so you don't have to visit each page.

You can also run a Google search by using the Search charm from the Charms bar. And all of your Google Apps, such as Gmail and Calendar, are accessible from the search app.

With this latest launch, both Windows 8 and RT users now have a choice of using the search apps for either Google or Bing.