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5 things we didn't get at Google I/O

Though Google unveiled a bunch of new services and features at its developers conference, we still wanted more.

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In front of a crowd of 7,000 attendees, Google announced a bunch of new services and updates at this year's I/O developers conference, including Google Lens, a new VR headset and even some old-school photo books.

But there were a few things we anticipated that didn't end up on the keynote docket. Here are the five things we didn't get:

No name for Android O

Google's mobile OS, Android, is in its eighth major iteration. Usually, the company rolls out a developers preview that is named after a single letter. It then subsequently reveals the full dessert-related name (sometimes) at I/O, along with a bunch of new updates. This year is "O," and while we had a bit of fun beforehand guessing what it could stand for (Android Oreo? Oatmeal cookie? Ontbijtkoek?) we were expecting the reveal today. Unfortunately we didn't get it, and the mystery remains as to what "O" will stand for.

No Google Home 2.0

We weren't betting our lives on a successor to Google's smart speaker being announced today, but we were kind of hoping the company would release another (cheaper) version of Home. That didn't happen, but Google did roll out a slew of new updates, which included making phone calls and responding to TV-related commands.

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No updates about Android Wear

At last year's I/O, Google unveiled a few updates to its smartwatch and wearable OS, Android Wear. Because v2.0 became available only recently in February, we knew a major overhaul wasn't in the works anytime soon. Still, we readied ourselves for a few new features, but instead Wear was nowhere to be found at I/O.

No crazy hardware from ATAP

That's fun, guys, but what does Android O stand for?


Google's Advanced Technologies and Products (or ATAP) group is known for taking on experimental and innovative projects. Past ATAP endeavors include the AR-related Project Tango and the modular phone initiative, Ara. Sometimes (but not always) ATAP announces a new and groundbreaking project at I/O. Alas, we didn't hear much from ATAP besides a few Tango updates.

No new messaging app

Google. Loves. Messaging. Apps. It's got Hangout, Allo, Duo and the ol' classic, Messenger. The fact that it didn't announce another one is a good thing, but we like to imagine some poor Google developer at the back of Shoreline Amphitheater sighing because s/he failed to get the fifth messaging app green-lighted.

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