Google Flights will now predict delays and show baggage fees

Google will actually try to predict when delays will happen before they're announced. The Flights update will also show special restrictions on cheap tickets.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

Google Flights will try to play the part of Nostradamus. A feature in its latest update will predict when your flight will be delayed before that delay is actually announced.

Announced in a blog post Wednesday, the predictions will be based on historic flight data and machine learning algorithms. Google will only show you the prediction if the computer is at least 80 percent certain, but the company still recommends getting to the airport on time. You can see the predictions simply by using Google to search your flight number or route.

If Google's predictions are accurate, they could be quite helpful for travelers. Google Flights will also show info when looking for a flight that'll definitely help travelers on a budget. The other part of Wednesday's update will display additional info for extra cheap flights if the airline will restrict your ability to use the overhead bin or select your seat.

The feature is aimed at new fare types such as "Basic Economy" that limit your access to some basic conveniences and occasionally restrict your ability to make any changes to your flight. Google will continue showing these tickets and prices, but will also show what exactly is restricted with your purchase for extra transparency.