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Google doubles down on digital training in Africa

After giving online skills training to 1 million people in the region, the web giant pledges to train 10 million more.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, left, speaks at the "Google for Nigeria" event in Lagos on July 27.

Google is reaching across the globe to teach more people digital skills.

The US-based tech giant said Thursday that it plans to teach 10 million people in Africa online skills over the next five years to make them more employable. It'll also be providing mobile developer training to 100,000 people in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

This comes after Google said in March that it had given digital training to more than 1 million people in the region. In April 2016, the company initially launched its program to train people in digital and software skills in Africa.

Africa, with a population of 1.2 billion, is one of the world's fastest growing continents. It's expected to have 1.1 billion people of working age by 2034, but not nearly enough jobs to fit that demand, according to Google.

"The internet, and technology as a whole, offer great opportunities for creating jobs, growing businesses and boosting economies," Google wrote in a blog post. "But people need the right skills, tools and products to navigate the digital world and to make it work for them, their businesses and their communities."

Google didn't respond to a request for comment.